Faux Leather Skirts

Faux leather is one of those fabric materials that never seems to get old (unlike corduroy which you do not see much of anymore). From small accessories to a full head-to-toe look, faux leather can become a key staple in anyone’s wardrobe. And you do not have to limit its wear to Halloween.

One of the most basic ways to incorporate faux leather in to your wardrobe -if you have not already –is through a basic, faux leather skirt. There are varying styles of faux leather skirts that you can get. Depending on your style and when you want to wear it, you can choose from these styles.

As you can see from this first picture, one of these styles is a simple, black pleated skirt. It is not too short but at just the right length to show off amazing legs. You can also see that these stars have styled the skirt in different ways. Based on your personality and sense of style, you can find inspiration in their styling of the same skirt.

This second picture shows a second style of a faux leather skirt. This one will hug your curves a little tighter than the pleated skirt but it is about the same length to continue to show those toned legs. A little detailing such as the zipper adds a nice contrast to the glossy black.

In this third picture, you can see a very similarly styled skirt but in a vibrant orange. It is meant to be a little tighter to clearly show off an amazing figure. Between the clinging of the curves and the bright color, this skirt will turn all heads in your direction.

These are only three out of the many styles of faux leather skirts available on the market. Based on the event you are going to and how comfortable you are in your body, you can pick which style suits you. Or pick all three! They are all great pieces to have hanging in your closet and can be worn in various ways as shown in the first picture.

Inspiration for Pleather Fashion on Instagram

For those who do not know, Instagram is a place to share pictures with friends, family, and fans. It seems to have turned in to a place where people share pictures of themselves or pictures of their food. But if you can get past all of those delicious looking meals, you may just find some inspiration for your closet.

The best way to find your inspiration is through your family and friends’ pictures. You can also use the search bar if you have a certain idea of what you are looking for. For example, if you have a certain type of clothing that you are looking for like a dress or pants, you can search for “dress” or “pants”.

The same thing goes if you are looking for a certain kind of material such as silk, fur, velvet, or leather. You can even get more specific to narrow down the millions of pictures on Instagram. Search with “faux fur” or “pleather” and you will get a whole new list of results.
From these results, you may find yourself being inspired by other people’s sense of fashion. This inspiration could lead to a shopping trip in search for a similar item or it could lead to you trying to making the fashionable article of clothing on your own. Inspiration is everywhere on Instagram.

This particular studded bag has inspired followers of the Instagram user to find a similar bag to use for school. The Instagram user who posted this picture also stated the price she got for it (£12) which can be helpful for others who are planning on also purchasing this bag.
Instagram is not only helpful in finding inspiration but it is also helpful in seeing how well you did when you purchase something made of pleather, or any material for that matter. People can like your picture. So based on the number of “likes” you get, you can know how inspiring your picture is to others.

This picture is pretty popular on Instagram. Based on the large number of “likes” it received, you can tell that many people were inspired by one or more of the elements in the photograph. The outfit is made mostly from pleather; the shoes, the shorts, the belt, the pouch bag. This shows that you can be inspired to use pleather in a complete outfit or as an accessory like the first picture shown.


Instagram can be a source of inspiration for food and what to eat next or it can be a fashion inspiration for your next shopping trip.

DIY Pleather Pouch

A lot of times, you will see something in a store that you love. But then you look at the price tag and have to convince yourself that you do not like it as much as you do. That does not have to be the end of it.

If you really love something you see in the store, consider trying to replicate it yourself. For example, if you go in to American Apparel, you may see amazing leather pouches. They are just a simple rectangle of all colors and sizes. So you think to yourself, “That would be amazing with any outfit!” But after looking at the price tag ($50-70!), you try to trick yourself into believing that you do not really like them all that much after all.

Luckily for you, you can still have one of those leather pouches. But you don’t have to pay quite so much for it. This tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to make a great accessory that will work with any outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down, use it for carrying your everyday stuff or use it as a makeup bag when traveling – it has a great amount of options!

Here’s what you will need:
• Rolling blade
• Cutting Mat
• 1/3 Yard of Pleather (faux leather)
• 16-20 inch metal zipper

The great thing is that the fabric will only cost two to three dollars and the zipper around five dollars. And it will take you less than half of an hour to complete! In other words, you will have an expensive looking accessory in little time and for little money.

Side note: If you cannot find pleather or do not have a nearby fabric store, go to a thrift shop and look for an old leather jacket or skirt. Or if you have something in your closet that you do not wear anymore, here would be a great way to recycle it! As long as you can get two decent sized rectangles out of it, it will work.

For a pouch that is approximately sixteen inches wide, here are the instructions. It is relatively simple to make a different sized bag; simply cut your rectangles bigger or smaller and make sure the zipper is long enough. The zipper can be longer than the bag; you can tuck it inside if there is extra.

1. Cut the fabric on the cutting mat with the rolling blade as 16 ½ inches wide. You will need the extra ½ inch for seam allowance. You should have 2 rectangles of the same size.
2. Lay the zipper flat on the mat with the right side facing up. Line the 2 edges with fabric glue and lay the rectangles on each side. Make sure they line up.
3. Let the glue dry for one hour.
4. Turn the pouch so the sides you want on the outside are facing each other. Pin the three sides where the zipper is not attached.
5. Sew all three sides making sure to leave a ½ inch gap between the zipper and where you start sewing.
6. Snip the bottom corners of the pouch to allow for easier turning.
7. Turn the pouch right side out and zip it up. Tuck in any extra zipper excess.
8. Admire your knock off American Apparel pouch!

Rock Star Pleather and Vegan Looks

Rock stars and leather are a relationship as famous as Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson and Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. In modern day, leather has gone out of vogue, even in the world of rock and roll, as people become more and more concerned with finding cruelty-free alternatives to their favorite looks. Today, pleather looks have replaced leather looks.

The importance that people now place on wearing ethically responsible clothing and being aware of animal rights has given rise to the second wave

Vanessa Williams in pleather

of pleather, which is now called “vegan leather,” reflecting the market of rock n’ rollers and fashionistas who care about sustainability. These vegan leather looks can be seen just about everywhere, from the runway to the red carpet to the nightclubs to the stages where the celebrities perform, making it easy to see why the trend is catching on like wildfire throughout the rest of the country, as Americans take cue from the icons who lead our society.

Some famous vegans from the music world include: Vanessa Williams, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morisette, Sinead O’Connor, Ozzy Osbourne (yes, the man who bit a head off of a bat will now not take a bite out of any animal), Morrissey, Andre 3000, Fiona Apple, Moby, Prince, and Grace Slick. Morrissey and Stella McCartney have even teamed up to create a line of vegan shoes for men.

Ozzy Osbourne

If you want to get the same look for yourself, chances are that you’ll run into trouble trying to shop at JC Penney’s and Sears. One of the best sources for pleather apparel and for pleather fabric is the internet. The difficulty with shopping for pleather pants online is that they are typically a tight fit, leaving no room for error with online ordering. Rather than going through the hassle of ordering and returning until finding the perfect fit, people are increasingly turning to make their own pleather fashions at home. By finding a specialty fabric retailer, you can typically find pleather at a great price, saving you money on looks that would be expensive if you purchased the real thing—or, for that matter, even if you purchased the fake thing—while giving you the same style that you are looking for.


When you approaching a project in pleather, always keep in mind that you should size differently that you would if you were working with a fabric with stretch. If you are a new seamstress, a pleather project might not be for you. If you have been sewing for any length of time, just make sure that you size appropriately for the fabric that you are working with and that you use the proper needle. From there, it becomes incredibly simple for you to look like your favorite ecologically responsible celebrity, or even to look like your favorite celebrity or 80s rocker who wore real leather, with a fraction of the pricetag and none of the guilt that comes along with wearing real leather in the era of “cruelty free” everything.


Pleather vs Patent Vinyl Fabric

When you are starting a sewing project, one of the first questions to ask yourself is what type of fabric you want to work with. If you are creating a leathery look, knowing the difference between pleather (plastic leather) and patent vinyl is an important distinction to make.

Differences Between Pleather and Vinyl

Pleather is matte and leather-like; whereas, patent vinyl is shiny and plastic-like. If you were to ask which fabric looks more like plastic, it would usually be the vinyl, even though pleather is also made from plastic.

Pleather dresses on celebrities

Patent vinyl is the material that usually feels more like plastic as well, while pleather usually feels more like real leather. The differences in appearances and textures are profound, so they are not interchangeable. If you are going for a sexy, fetish look, patent vinyl is the way to go; whereas, if you are looking for that subtle edge, pleather is the way to go.


One more very important difference between these two substances can also be made. Pleather is usually more porous. As a result, it is possible for air to pass through the fabric and this can help keep body odor at bay and make it more appropriate for all-day wear than vinyl, which is more appropriate for a party that lasts a few hours than, say, all day power-shopping and dinner with friends.

On the other hand, the patent vinyl is less porous and this type of fabric is usually far easier to wipe off just using water. Some of these types of surfaces can even be cleaned off using the right mild soap.

Patent Vinyl dress by Balenciega

Certain varieties of pleather can also be dry cleaned very easily. However, certain varieties of vinyl cannot be cleaned this way. This is one point to consider before you make your selection.

Additional Information

The main reason people choose furniture, clothing, or accessories made from pleather or vinyl is because they are usually less expensive than real leather. Another reason that these fabrics are used is to help save the lives of animals. The “cruelty-free” aspect of pleather has become such a compelling reason to wear it, that it is often called “vegan leather” now. For vegans and other animal rights activists, this gives them the look that they covet without the moral implications that come with wearing leather. Vanessa Williams, a vegan, recently wore a stunning pleather dress on Desperate Housewives, packing as much style as its animal leather counterpart.

Pleather and patent vinyl may not be available at your local fabric store, so finding a specialty fabric retailer online is often the best option. This is especially beneficial if you live in a small city or rural area where your options for local shopping may be limited. Once you have found your fabric, you should ensure that you have a pattern that is suitable for a pleather or vinyl project and the proper needle. Once you are ready, you will be able to create custom fashions that are envied by your leather-wearing friends and are not available at the average store.

Pleather fashion video

This YouTube video is about a couple who’s wife picked up from a local store a pair of hot and sexy black pleather fabric pants, a cute jacket shirt with a faux leather belt, a pair of hot knee-high boots, and a wild leather-like mini skirt.  This is the perfect video to show everyday individuals new ways to incorporate this fabric into their wardrobes. 

Another thing this video teaches is that individuals who love the look and feel of the expensive leather available in stores nearly everywhere, that there are the animal friendly alternatives of pleather available in even the local outlet mall.

These few simple style choices that this woman made are versatile and unbelievably hot.  The video’s title is Pleather: The leather alternative that can be fun and look good, that title could never be truer.  Pleather is the perfect alternative to leather not only because of the pricing and animal friendly aspects, but also for the versatility and easy of care.  Unlike leather, it is easily washed with a wet cloth, leather on the other hand require specialized treatment to keep the leather in good condition.  Although pleather may not completely feel like animal hide, it is smooth and gentle to the touch.

In the beginning of the video the girl is wearing a pair of subtle pleather leggings paired with a cute pair of knee-high heels.  These leggings can be paired with a sexy top like the woman in the video has on, a belted casual top, a corset, or pretty much any top you would consider to go out to somewhere nice in.  The pleather skirt is corseted on the sides and is perfect for clubbing or for simply going out with a few friends in.  Now, the boots can be pretty much worn with anything from work outfits to going out.  All these looks are so versatile that you only need a few faux leather items to create an entire wardrobe.

If this woman was able to find these items at her local shopping mall, then you can too.  Simple substantial pieces are the key to any great outfit, and to consciously shop for items that are animal friendly, easy to care for, and not to mention cheap means that you can create the perfect outfit day after day for half the cost and effort of a leather wardrobe.

If you feel inspired to create these looks on your own, go on ahead.  You can find some great high quality pleather fabrics online or at your local retail shop.  These items are simple enough for someone with basic sewing skills to be able to put together, and you can even purchase a pattern to ensure you get that perfect look and fit.


Making that conscious decision has never been easier than now, with many stores and fashion designers turning towards vinyl, latex, and pleather.  Individuals can go out to almost any store and find that their shoes, jackets, or other clothing items that have the leather look are in fact the products of man-made pleather.

Celebrity pleather

Pleather, vinyl, PVC, and latex are all fabrics that are similar, but go by different names.  When you are watching T.V. or looking at a celebrity magazine you may see some of your favorite celebrities wearing outfits made out of one of these faux leather fabrics, and you might not even be aware of it.

Jennifer Lopez wearing faux leather.Pleather fabric looks so much like real leather that it is hard for the eye to distinguish the two apart; it is also hard for the body to tell the difference between the feel.  When you are looking at your most beloved celebrities and their fashionable appearances you should be thinking about ways to get their look without having to pay the same price, and with pleather fashion you can do that.

Katy Perry wearing pleather fabric.Pleather is inexpensive and if you purchase high quality can last you a long time – even outlasting leather.  Celebrities such as Victoria Justice, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lopez, Emmy Rossum, and Katy Perry all have been seen wearing or modeling some of the hottest pleather fashions around.

One such notable latex and pleather fashion warehouse is that of Atsuko-Kudo who has been modeled by Singer/Actress/Diva Jennifer Lopez in extremely low-cut patent pleather dress.  This look is unbelievably sexy. Celebrities of all backgrounds and professions look amazing in these strong and sexy materials. Actress Emmy Rossum can be seen wearing similar attire in a front zip-up sleeved black patent vinyl dress that is to die for.

These looks may be on the expensive end of the pleather fashion world, however, they can easily be made at home from inexpensive high quality faux leather fabrics.  Anyone with sewing skills will be able to recreate these looks without much of a problem.

Victoria Justice in pleather leggings.Another great look that celebrities all across the board are sporting are these skintight pleather leggings that look great during the day and at night.  They can be paired with almost any kind of top, and even men are getting into them.  Pleather leggings in all designs and colors are also having effect, so if you want to follow Victoria Justice in her black patent pleather leggings or you want to brighten the day in a pair inspired by Nikki Minaj’s wild color palette, then go on ahead.

If you are looking for a sexy celebrity inspired vinyl lingerie look, then one that Amanda Seyfried is sporting is one sexy surprise for your man.  Choose any sexy little lingerie you have, make or buy a vinyl lingerie set, anything sexy will do.  Do-up your hair and put on your makeup and cover up with a see-through vinyl coat, and you are good to go.  This look gives the illusion that you are covering up, but your man can see all the sexiness underneath.

Men, don’t be afraid to try some pleather fashions either.  There are plenty of options for you in pleather fabrics from jackets and shoes to pants and even bathing suits like Christiano Ronaldo likes to sport pool side.

Men and women can share in the joy of wearing animal friendly pleather, and remember, just because you are not aware that the jacket your favorite celebrity is wearing is made of leather or not, you can still make the conscious effort to continue to purchase clothing that is in fact pleather.

Pleather versus Leather

Why do you think a celebrity like Nicky Hilton would pair her bohemian style paisley dress with a Matthew Williamson for H&M faux leather jacket? She can certainly afford real leather. However, faux leather seems to be just as fashionable and is in growing demand.  Inexpensive doesn’t always mean cheap.

In the past, anytime the words “imitation” or “fake” were used to describe something, it was usually in a negative light. However, times have changed, along with our awareness. Our technology to produce synthetic materials that mimic what’s found in the natural world has enabled us to improve the things we make. It has also been proven that just because something is labled as natural doesn’t always mean it is better for us or for the environment.

This has turned out to be the case when it comes to leather. Real leather might be considered a natural product. However, when you take a closer look at where leather comes from and how it is made, leather starts to look rather un-natural. It then becomes clear that imitation leather is a better alternative.

If this statement sounds shocking, then you may have never learned the ugly truth about the leather industry. The majority of the leather used to make the leather products sold in the US comes from India and China. In these countries, animal welfare and environmental laws do not exist. The animals are raised factory farm style, where they endure overcrowding, inhumane treatment and are injected with hormones and antibiotics to keep them alive until they are slaughtered.

In China, even dogs and cats are killed for their meat and hides. So leather starts with animal cruelty. Then there is the tanning process. In order to keep these dead animal skins from decomposing and stinking, they must be treated with toxic chemicals. In India, these tanneries were investigated by PETA and not only were workers touching and breathing in these toxins, but the factories were also dumping the chemicals into nearby rivers where the local villagers drink.

So it turns out that real leather has a more adverse environmental impact than faux leather. When you purchase products made out of leather, you are helping support an industry that causes massive suffering of animals.And while there are a growing number of celebrities that are joining PETA’s cause for cruelty-free lifestyles, not every celebrity seen wearing faux leather is an animal rights activist. There are celebrities that wear pleather (a combination of the words plastic and leather) or faux leather for no other reason than that it just looks good!

There are other advantages that pleather has. This type of synthetic fabric is much easier to clean and care for than leather. It is also much less expensive. Faux leather will save you money on the expensive dry cleaning bills associated with leather. Pleather will easily wipe clean, so you can feel confident about wearing it often. Pleather also has more elasticity and is very form fitting. This popular faux leather fabric has become a mainstream material for today’s hottest fashions.

Matte vinyl is a type of faux leather fabric that products such as bean bag chairs are made of and comes in a variety of bright, fun colors. Matte vinyl is also available by the yard at most fabric stores.

Taking everything into consideration, imitation leather has multiple advantages over real leather while having none of the same disadvantages. Whether you’re looking for the sleek, sexy look of faux leather pants or an imitation leather sofa, its easy to see why faux leather has become such a fashionable, hot selling item. Going leather-free has never been more of a pleather!


PETA & Jenna Want You To Pleather Yourself


Jenna Jameson is well known for a number of things, but did you know she was into pleather? The famous adult film star has appearently worn her share of sexy pleather neglige. She states in a recent video she did for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that she has spent at least half of her life wearing pleather. Jenna had a life changing experience after watching the documentary “Earthlings”, which shows undercover video of how animals in our society are abused and mistreated for industries such as entertainment, the pet trade and the food industry.

There is little doubt that pleather has sex appeal. Pleather leggings have been showing up on many celebrities including Rihanna, Mary-Kate Olsen and Victoria Beckham. It also seems that faux leather is becoming more politically correct, thanks to documentaries like “Earthlings” and the campaigns of PETA. Faux leather is actually superior to leather in many ways.

For instance, did you know that real leather is actually worse for the environment than the synthetic faux leather fabric? Leather is made out of the biological hide of animals, meaning if you didn’t treat it with a cocktail of toxic chemicals, it would literally rot while you were wearing it. Most leather is sourced from developing countries like China and India, where environmental and animal welfare laws don’t exist or aren’t enforced.

Pleather is made from a cloth fabric that is coated with a type of plastic like polyurethane, which is breathable and lightweight. Faux leather is also much easier to clean and care for than leather. Too much moisture can ruin real leather. Faux leather can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a rag. You don’t have to worry about imitation leather getting ruined if it gets wet.

Another type of fake leather is called matte vinyl. This type of faux leather is typically made into things like bean bag chairs. Matte vinyl is a stretchy, shiny fabric that closely resembles leather but again, is easier to clean.

Leather, as you well know, can be very pricy. This is because so many chemicals have to be used to treat it and leather tanning is an involved process. Faux leather is much easier to make with today’s technology. The result is a much less expensive fabric that looks so much like real leather that most people can’t even tell the difference. It just doesn’t make sense to spend so much more on something that doesn’t seem worth it.

Faux leather can even be made to look like real animal skin such as snake, lizard, alligator, crocodile and more. There is no need to hunt these animals and kill them for their skins. Buying faux leather will also help discourage poaching.

Faux leather clothing is bigger than ever. Even celebrities that don’t follow animal cruelty or environmental issues love to wear it. Not only is faux leather sleek and sexy, it feels good on your skin. Have you ever felt a faux leather jacket? Its almost like wrapping yourself up in a second skin. Except that faux leather is not skin and no living creature had to give up its life to make you look good.

As consumers, we have a lot of power to change the way big industry does things. Unethical slaughter houses and factories can’t stay in business and continue to torture animals if no one is buying their products. That’s why making simple lifestyle changes, like only buying products made from faux leather instead of animal based leather, can change our world for the better. The key to smart buying is awareness. Be aware of what you buy, where it comes from and how it is made.


Imitation Leather Is Hot

One of the hottest trends in fashion today is faux leather. There are so many great faux leather jackets, its hard to say which one looks best. But a definite contender would be the Collection B Faux Leather Bomber Jacket that Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing while out on the town with her hunky male companion.

Imitation leather has become a mainstream fabric because it is so lightweight and comfortable. Today’s faux leather looks so much like the real thing that most people can’t even tell the difference. And with real leather getting a bad rap because of animal cruelty and environmental issues, faux leather has become a smart alternative.

Unlike leather, which is the chemically treated hide of an animal, imitation leather is made by adding a plastic or rubber based coating to cloth fabric. Another common term for fake leather is pleather, (a combination of plastic and leather). Pleather leggings have become a hugely popular fashion trend. Once Kate Moss was seen wearing a pair at the Glastonbury Festivle, pleather leggings have been clinging to celebrity legs belonging to Ashley Olsten and Sarah Jessica Parker. Compared to the cost of a pair of leather pants, which start at $500, pleather leggings become even more attractive when you can buy them for as little as $44. While most pleather leggings only come in black, sometimes you can find them in cool textures like snake skin.

Another hot selling fake leather item is the faux leather bomber jacket. This sporty looking, aviator style jacket is available in many cool colors and styles, for both guys and girls. Perhaps the neatest thing about the H&M faux leather bomber jacket (besides the affordable price) is the variety of bright colors they come in. The faux leather fabric is so soft, you won’t want to take it off.

Faux leather fashion doesn’t only include clothing. Imitation leather is a great choice for home decor as well. Matte vinyl is a popular fabric choice for bean bag chairs. Matte vinyl is a shiny fake leather alternative available in bright colors and easily cleans with a rag and warm, soapy water. Easy cleaning and care is yet another advantage that faux leather has over real leather. If you’re a thrifty, do-it-yourself type, you can buy matte vinyl by the yard and create your own imitation leather decor.

Faux leather sofas make a great choice for furniture that is kid friendly and easy to clean. It doesn’t matter if it gets wet and unlike real leather, faux leather is color fast and stays uniform in color. Once again, price plays a huge role in the decision to buy a real leather sofa vs. a faux leather sofa. The faux leather sofa will be a fraction of what the real leather sofa costs.

Imitation leather accessories are popular and advertised as Vegan. Vegan shoes, vegan handbags, purses, wallets. More people are shying away from leather because it has become so controversial. Faux leather gladiator sandals and big, soft, colorful faux leather bags are hot accessories for summer. Imitation leather boots look and feel so close to the real thing that its almost impossible to tell the difference. But you can wear pleather boots guilt free knowing that no animal was harmed or suffered to make the shoes on your feet.

So why pay more for a product that is harmful to animals, harmful to the environment and harder to care for and keep clean? There really isn’t a good reason. Once you try out a faux leather product, you will see how easy it is to live leather free.