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Leather pants have been wrapping up rock stars in sleek, sexy style for decades. Even when they seem to disappear off the fashion radar, they don’t stay gone for very long. As they have in the past and are sure to do in the future, leather pants are making a comeback.

The look and style of leather pants may not change significantly from one generation to the next but lifestyles do. Today, more and more people are becoming aware of how their own lifestyle affects the world we now live in. Even celebrities realize the importance of the personal choices they make, because poor choices can often lead to bad publicity and negative press. Celebrities are also aware that the choices they make often have a huge influence on the fans and people who follow what they do.

Activist issues, such as animal rights issues, often play a large role in determining what is socially acceptable. With so many celebrities taking a stand on issues such as these, certain styles have become quite unpopular. Wearing real fur, for example, is now considered mostly un-cool. Even leather, while still a popular choice for jackets, shoes, bags and pants, is sometimes a controversial subject.

Pleather leggings.The good news is that today there are stylish alternatives to animal based clothing like leather and fur. Faux leather, which is imitation leather, is made using cloth fabric that is treated with a plastic or rubber coating, depending on whether it is used for clothing or upholstry. For instance, check out this shot of singer Rihanna wearing latex leggings.  These hip, stylish leggings are faux leather but they still make this sexy, talented celebrity as hot as ever. Not all celebrities wear fake leather to make an activist statement. Some choose faux leather because it just makes them look good!

Another reason why faux leather is so popular is because it is almost always considerably less expensive than real leather. You can find faux leather celebrity inspired tight skinny pants online for as little as $20.00 per pair, where real leather pants can set you back as much as $500-$1500 per pair! Matte vinyl is another type of fabric that functions as a great imitation leather and is much cheaper to buy by the yard than real leather. Another common term for fake leather is pleather, a term invented by combining plastic and leather.

If you are considering buying an item that is made out of pleather, make sure it’s the kind made from polyurethane and not PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Polyurethane is more breathable than PVC and typically less stiff. Another advantage pleather has over leather, besides the cost, is that it is much more lightweight. This really helps with wearing faux leather pants instead of real leather because you are less likely to sweat.

Of course black is the most popular color for imitation leather pants and it is hard to find faux leather pants in any other color. But if you have a sewing machine and know how to sew, it is easy to find faux leather fabric in many different colors. Since buying fake leather fabric is

much cheaper than purchasing real leather, you can easily make your own custom pair of faux leather pants in your favorite color.

So whether you’re a vegan, an animal lover, or just into the latest trends in hip, cool fashion, faux leather is widely available as an inexpensive alternative to real leather. It doesn’t end with leather pants, either. There are all kind of other clothing and accessories you can buy that are made from faux leather. The only hard part sometimes is telling the difference!

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