Imitation Leather Is Hot

One of the hottest trends in fashion today is faux leather. There are so many great faux leather jackets, its hard to say which one looks best. But a definite contender would be the Collection B Faux Leather Bomber Jacket that Miley Cyrus was spotted wearing while out on the town with her hunky male companion.

Imitation leather has become a mainstream fabric because it is so lightweight and comfortable. Today’s faux leather looks so much like the real thing that most people can’t even tell the difference. And with real leather getting a bad rap because of animal cruelty and environmental issues, faux leather has become a smart alternative.

Unlike leather, which is the chemically treated hide of an animal, imitation leather is made by adding a plastic or rubber based coating to cloth fabric. Another common term for fake leather is pleather, (a combination of plastic and leather). Pleather leggings have become a hugely popular fashion trend. Once Kate Moss was seen wearing a pair at the Glastonbury Festivle, pleather leggings have been clinging to celebrity legs belonging to Ashley Olsten and Sarah Jessica Parker. Compared to the cost of a pair of leather pants, which start at $500, pleather leggings become even more attractive when you can buy them for as little as $44. While most pleather leggings only come in black, sometimes you can find them in cool textures like snake skin.

Another hot selling fake leather item is the faux leather bomber jacket. This sporty looking, aviator style jacket is available in many cool colors and styles, for both guys and girls. Perhaps the neatest thing about the H&M faux leather bomber jacket (besides the affordable price) is the variety of bright colors they come in. The faux leather fabric is so soft, you won’t want to take it off.

Faux leather fashion doesn’t only include clothing. Imitation leather is a great choice for home decor as well. Matte vinyl is a popular fabric choice for bean bag chairs. Matte vinyl is a shiny fake leather alternative available in bright colors and easily cleans with a rag and warm, soapy water. Easy cleaning and care is yet another advantage that faux leather has over real leather. If you’re a thrifty, do-it-yourself type, you can buy matte vinyl by the yard and create your own imitation leather decor.

Faux leather sofas make a great choice for furniture that is kid friendly and easy to clean. It doesn’t matter if it gets wet and unlike real leather, faux leather is color fast and stays uniform in color. Once again, price plays a huge role in the decision to buy a real leather sofa vs. a faux leather sofa. The faux leather sofa will be a fraction of what the real leather sofa costs.

Imitation leather accessories are popular and advertised as Vegan. Vegan shoes, vegan handbags, purses, wallets. More people are shying away from leather because it has become so controversial. Faux leather gladiator sandals and big, soft, colorful faux leather bags are hot accessories for summer. Imitation leather boots look and feel so close to the real thing that its almost impossible to tell the difference. But you can wear pleather boots guilt free knowing that no animal was harmed or suffered to make the shoes on your feet.

So why pay more for a product that is harmful to animals, harmful to the environment and harder to care for and keep clean? There really isn’t a good reason. Once you try out a faux leather product, you will see how easy it is to live leather free.

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