PETA & Jenna Want You To Pleather Yourself


Jenna Jameson is well known for a number of things, but did you know she was into pleather? The famous adult film star has appearently worn her share of sexy pleather neglige. She states in a recent video she did for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that she has spent at least half of her life wearing pleather. Jenna had a life changing experience after watching the documentary “Earthlings”, which shows undercover video of how animals in our society are abused and mistreated for industries such as entertainment, the pet trade and the food industry.

There is little doubt that pleather has sex appeal. Pleather leggings have been showing up on many celebrities including Rihanna, Mary-Kate Olsen and Victoria Beckham. It also seems that faux leather is becoming more politically correct, thanks to documentaries like “Earthlings” and the campaigns of PETA. Faux leather is actually superior to leather in many ways.

For instance, did you know that real leather is actually worse for the environment than the synthetic faux leather fabric? Leather is made out of the biological hide of animals, meaning if you didn’t treat it with a cocktail of toxic chemicals, it would literally rot while you were wearing it. Most leather is sourced from developing countries like China and India, where environmental and animal welfare laws don’t exist or aren’t enforced.

Pleather is made from a cloth fabric that is coated with a type of plastic like polyurethane, which is breathable and lightweight. Faux leather is also much easier to clean and care for than leather. Too much moisture can ruin real leather. Faux leather can easily be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a rag. You don’t have to worry about imitation leather getting ruined if it gets wet.

Another type of fake leather is called matte vinyl. This type of faux leather is typically made into things like bean bag chairs. Matte vinyl is a stretchy, shiny fabric that closely resembles leather but again, is easier to clean.

Leather, as you well know, can be very pricy. This is because so many chemicals have to be used to treat it and leather tanning is an involved process. Faux leather is much easier to make with today’s technology. The result is a much less expensive fabric that looks so much like real leather that most people can’t even tell the difference. It just doesn’t make sense to spend so much more on something that doesn’t seem worth it.

Faux leather can even be made to look like real animal skin such as snake, lizard, alligator, crocodile and more. There is no need to hunt these animals and kill them for their skins. Buying faux leather will also help discourage poaching.

Faux leather clothing is bigger than ever. Even celebrities that don’t follow animal cruelty or environmental issues love to wear it. Not only is faux leather sleek and sexy, it feels good on your skin. Have you ever felt a faux leather jacket? Its almost like wrapping yourself up in a second skin. Except that faux leather is not skin and no living creature had to give up its life to make you look good.

As consumers, we have a lot of power to change the way big industry does things. Unethical slaughter houses and factories can’t stay in business and continue to torture animals if no one is buying their products. That’s why making simple lifestyle changes, like only buying products made from faux leather instead of animal based leather, can change our world for the better. The key to smart buying is awareness. Be aware of what you buy, where it comes from and how it is made.

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