Celebrity pleather

Pleather, vinyl, PVC, and latex are all fabrics that are similar, but go by different names.  When you are watching T.V. or looking at a celebrity magazine you may see some of your favorite celebrities wearing outfits made out of one of these faux leather fabrics, and you might not even be aware of it.

Jennifer Lopez wearing faux leather.Pleather fabric looks so much like real leather that it is hard for the eye to distinguish the two apart; it is also hard for the body to tell the difference between the feel.  When you are looking at your most beloved celebrities and their fashionable appearances you should be thinking about ways to get their look without having to pay the same price, and with pleather fashion you can do that.

Katy Perry wearing pleather fabric.Pleather is inexpensive and if you purchase high quality can last you a long time – even outlasting leather.  Celebrities such as Victoria Justice, Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Lopez, Emmy Rossum, and Katy Perry all have been seen wearing or modeling some of the hottest pleather fashions around.

One such notable latex and pleather fashion warehouse is that of Atsuko-Kudo who has been modeled by Singer/Actress/Diva Jennifer Lopez in extremely low-cut patent pleather dress.  This look is unbelievably sexy. Celebrities of all backgrounds and professions look amazing in these strong and sexy materials. Actress Emmy Rossum can be seen wearing similar attire in a front zip-up sleeved black patent vinyl dress that is to die for.

These looks may be on the expensive end of the pleather fashion world, however, they can easily be made at home from inexpensive high quality faux leather fabrics.  Anyone with sewing skills will be able to recreate these looks without much of a problem.

Victoria Justice in pleather leggings.Another great look that celebrities all across the board are sporting are these skintight pleather leggings that look great during the day and at night.  They can be paired with almost any kind of top, and even men are getting into them.  Pleather leggings in all designs and colors are also having effect, so if you want to follow Victoria Justice in her black patent pleather leggings or you want to brighten the day in a pair inspired by Nikki Minaj’s wild color palette, then go on ahead.

If you are looking for a sexy celebrity inspired vinyl lingerie look, then one that Amanda Seyfried is sporting is one sexy surprise for your man.  Choose any sexy little lingerie you have, make or buy a vinyl lingerie set, anything sexy will do.  Do-up your hair and put on your makeup and cover up with a see-through vinyl coat, and you are good to go.  This look gives the illusion that you are covering up, but your man can see all the sexiness underneath.

Men, don’t be afraid to try some pleather fashions either.  There are plenty of options for you in pleather fabrics from jackets and shoes to pants and even bathing suits like Christiano Ronaldo likes to sport pool side.

Men and women can share in the joy of wearing animal friendly pleather, and remember, just because you are not aware that the jacket your favorite celebrity is wearing is made of leather or not, you can still make the conscious effort to continue to purchase clothing that is in fact pleather.

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