Pleather fashion video

This YouTube video is about a couple who’s wife picked up from a local store a pair of hot and sexy black pleather fabric pants, a cute jacket shirt with a faux leather belt, a pair of hot knee-high boots, and a wild leather-like mini skirt.  This is the perfect video to show everyday individuals new ways to incorporate this fabric into their wardrobes. 

Another thing this video teaches is that individuals who love the look and feel of the expensive leather available in stores nearly everywhere, that there are the animal friendly alternatives of pleather available in even the local outlet mall.

These few simple style choices that this woman made are versatile and unbelievably hot.  The video’s title is Pleather: The leather alternative that can be fun and look good, that title could never be truer.  Pleather is the perfect alternative to leather not only because of the pricing and animal friendly aspects, but also for the versatility and easy of care.  Unlike leather, it is easily washed with a wet cloth, leather on the other hand require specialized treatment to keep the leather in good condition.  Although pleather may not completely feel like animal hide, it is smooth and gentle to the touch.

In the beginning of the video the girl is wearing a pair of subtle pleather leggings paired with a cute pair of knee-high heels.  These leggings can be paired with a sexy top like the woman in the video has on, a belted casual top, a corset, or pretty much any top you would consider to go out to somewhere nice in.  The pleather skirt is corseted on the sides and is perfect for clubbing or for simply going out with a few friends in.  Now, the boots can be pretty much worn with anything from work outfits to going out.  All these looks are so versatile that you only need a few faux leather items to create an entire wardrobe.

If this woman was able to find these items at her local shopping mall, then you can too.  Simple substantial pieces are the key to any great outfit, and to consciously shop for items that are animal friendly, easy to care for, and not to mention cheap means that you can create the perfect outfit day after day for half the cost and effort of a leather wardrobe.

If you feel inspired to create these looks on your own, go on ahead.  You can find some great high quality pleather fabrics online or at your local retail shop.  These items are simple enough for someone with basic sewing skills to be able to put together, and you can even purchase a pattern to ensure you get that perfect look and fit.


Making that conscious decision has never been easier than now, with many stores and fashion designers turning towards vinyl, latex, and pleather.  Individuals can go out to almost any store and find that their shoes, jackets, or other clothing items that have the leather look are in fact the products of man-made pleather.

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