DIY Pleather Pouch

A lot of times, you will see something in a store that you love. But then you look at the price tag and have to convince yourself that you do not like it as much as you do. That does not have to be the end of it.

If you really love something you see in the store, consider trying to replicate it yourself. For example, if you go in to American Apparel, you may see amazing leather pouches. They are just a simple rectangle of all colors and sizes. So you think to yourself, “That would be amazing with any outfit!” But after looking at the price tag ($50-70!), you try to trick yourself into believing that you do not really like them all that much after all.

Luckily for you, you can still have one of those leather pouches. But you don’t have to pay quite so much for it. This tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to make a great accessory that will work with any outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down, use it for carrying your everyday stuff or use it as a makeup bag when traveling – it has a great amount of options!

Here’s what you will need:
• Rolling blade
• Cutting Mat
• 1/3 Yard of Pleather (faux leather)
• 16-20 inch metal zipper

The great thing is that the fabric will only cost two to three dollars and the zipper around five dollars. And it will take you less than half of an hour to complete! In other words, you will have an expensive looking accessory in little time and for little money.

Side note: If you cannot find pleather or do not have a nearby fabric store, go to a thrift shop and look for an old leather jacket or skirt. Or if you have something in your closet that you do not wear anymore, here would be a great way to recycle it! As long as you can get two decent sized rectangles out of it, it will work.

For a pouch that is approximately sixteen inches wide, here are the instructions. It is relatively simple to make a different sized bag; simply cut your rectangles bigger or smaller and make sure the zipper is long enough. The zipper can be longer than the bag; you can tuck it inside if there is extra.

1. Cut the fabric on the cutting mat with the rolling blade as 16 ½ inches wide. You will need the extra ½ inch for seam allowance. You should have 2 rectangles of the same size.
2. Lay the zipper flat on the mat with the right side facing up. Line the 2 edges with fabric glue and lay the rectangles on each side. Make sure they line up.
3. Let the glue dry for one hour.
4. Turn the pouch so the sides you want on the outside are facing each other. Pin the three sides where the zipper is not attached.
5. Sew all three sides making sure to leave a ½ inch gap between the zipper and where you start sewing.
6. Snip the bottom corners of the pouch to allow for easier turning.
7. Turn the pouch right side out and zip it up. Tuck in any extra zipper excess.
8. Admire your knock off American Apparel pouch!

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