Inspiration for Pleather Fashion on Instagram

For those who do not know, Instagram is a place to share pictures with friends, family, and fans. It seems to have turned in to a place where people share pictures of themselves or pictures of their food. But if you can get past all of those delicious looking meals, you may just find some inspiration for your closet.

The best way to find your inspiration is through your family and friends’ pictures. You can also use the search bar if you have a certain idea of what you are looking for. For example, if you have a certain type of clothing that you are looking for like a dress or pants, you can search for “dress” or “pants”.

The same thing goes if you are looking for a certain kind of material such as silk, fur, velvet, or leather. You can even get more specific to narrow down the millions of pictures on Instagram. Search with “faux fur” or “pleather” and you will get a whole new list of results.
From these results, you may find yourself being inspired by other people’s sense of fashion. This inspiration could lead to a shopping trip in search for a similar item or it could lead to you trying to making the fashionable article of clothing on your own. Inspiration is everywhere on Instagram.

This particular studded bag has inspired followers of the Instagram user to find a similar bag to use for school. The Instagram user who posted this picture also stated the price she got for it (£12) which can be helpful for others who are planning on also purchasing this bag.
Instagram is not only helpful in finding inspiration but it is also helpful in seeing how well you did when you purchase something made of pleather, or any material for that matter. People can like your picture. So based on the number of “likes” you get, you can know how inspiring your picture is to others.

This picture is pretty popular on Instagram. Based on the large number of “likes” it received, you can tell that many people were inspired by one or more of the elements in the photograph. The outfit is made mostly from pleather; the shoes, the shorts, the belt, the pouch bag. This shows that you can be inspired to use pleather in a complete outfit or as an accessory like the first picture shown.


Instagram can be a source of inspiration for food and what to eat next or it can be a fashion inspiration for your next shopping trip.

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